Recouping money by doing what you already were doing.

Two of my favorite sites to use are befrugal and ebates. Both essentially for the same reason: They give you cashback for stuff you were going to buy ANYWAY. This is especially true during the holiday shopping season when it seams everyone likes to shop online. Especially, ME.

The way these cash back sites work is they earn money for referring you, and pass some of the money back to you.  It does not cost you extra to simply click their link and start shopping as you normally would, at a store you were already going to use.

Typically, you must wait 30-90 days per link to cash out (I know feels like forever).  Ebates can be automatically set up with paypal transfers, as they will send you money quarterly. Befrugal, you must meet the minimum to cash out and hand transfer to your paypal (takes them about a week or so to transfer it to your paypal). On the bright side, you can store up those “recouped” funds for a larger purchase or goal.

Why two of the same websites?

1.They don’t always have the websites for deals: Currently, ebates does not have for cash back, but befrugal has 4% cashback for viator. See? pays to have two!

2. I like to compare offers: one day I found ebates offering 4% cashback and when I compared the site I was looking at to befrugal, same site I was going to use had 6%.

3. They also may offer coupon codes for some deals on top of the cash back, again compare first!

4. Ebates has a bonus feature I will discuss here shortly….below.


Here is what the website looks like. Currently, they are having a bonus cash back event.

Bonus Cash back Event

I recently cashed out my befrugal account to my paypal, but you can see some of the history.  Who doesn’t love groupon? or a hotel stay through orbitz? I even did my taxes and had cashback!

Account Savings


Ebates often has bonus and double cash back events. Some other differences of note.

  1. Ebates has an actual “app” users can download to their phone.
  2. Ebates has a plug in feature you can add to your computer, so if you happen to be on a website that ebates is affiliated with, it will alert you to “activate” so you can get the savings!
  3. Ebates also has an “add a card’ feature where you can add cashback for in-store purchases at select stores (see below). I haven’t looked into this feature as much as a could, so if you use it often let me know. I don’t have any fur babies for that awesome petco deal.
  4. screen3


Both ebates and befrugal offer referral bonuses. A friend referred me to ebates and earned some extra money. I found befrugal on my own, and then referred him to it and earned some extra money.

I know there are many similar websites out there. These are the two I use and enjoy for things I was going to purchase anyway.

I was not paid or asked to do these reviews, they are of my own interest. However, if you would like to try either of the websites out I would appreciate the referral find fee. In addition, befrugal will give you 10 bucks just to sign up!  Afterwards, pay it forward and refer a friend of your own!

Ebates  and Befrugal

Have you tried ebates? Befrugal? Another cash back website? Share and let us know, as recouping “Takes a village”


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