Conquer Trips: O’ahu

O’ahu bound…The first trip while blogging.

Day 1: we did a lovely walking tour of Iolani palace to learn about the history of Hawaii. The jewels, thrown room, and stories on the self guided tour are well worth it.

Cost for two adults: 29.50

Time: Can be completed in about an hour

Local Tip: parking is available on site, but if you opt for parking on the street in front beware. Locals informed us the regularly tow people at 3:30. There are multiple parking signs which seem to contradict each other, this one gets towed. 

Waikiki Beach…

It’s very crowded, but is a must to see this famous beach and the international audience it grabs.

Tip: Bring a few towels, water bottle, and sunscreen. I enjoyed the sound of the waves the most.

That’s today’s brief update. Talk soon!



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