Orlando, Florida: A Brief Encounter beyond Disney.

Don’t let Mickey rule your Florida visit


Why you should have a Global Entry “Known Traveler” Number.

How I was out of US Customs and in my rental car in 25 minutes. What was my life before Global Entry!!! I have been out of the country over a dozen times and my most recent expedition was my first time using Global Entry through US Customs. Boy was it worth it. I exited …

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Vegas: Resurgam

Resurgam: I shall rise again. One of my favorite archaic terms which reminds us of human resilience. As I head back to my home state, I'm reflecting on my brief two day visit (post tragedy) to Las Vegas. The more we discuss these terrorist actions, the better off we are psychologically...no matter how uncomfortable.  What …

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Traveling After Tragedy: Why I’m Still Going To Vegas.

Nothing knocks the wind out of your travel plans like having a national tragedy occur at your next destination. That is my current situation. I have a scheduled "Conquer" trip to Las Vegas 10/6/17 which was planned way before the active shooter tragedy earlier this week. At first I was numb, anxious, and full of …

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Oahu in pieces: The leftovers

Here are some quick snapshots I didn't share from Oahu. 1.Hanauma Bay: it's a state park, beautiful corals. You must pay to get in. A steep hike to get below.  ​ 2.​ Diamond Head. This is us driving out. Plenty of hikers around. ​ 3.  North Shore side- not every beach is one you wanna …

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If you do nothing else in Brisbane… DO THIS

The Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary was a real treat today. The bonus: Kangaroos and other native wildlife (seriously, I became Kangaroo obsessed!). ​ ​ He is literally hopping into my heart! Getting There: I recommend going with Miramar cruises see website Here. They will pick you up in front of the State Library for a ferry …

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Surfers Paradise! DIY Style

If you're in Brisbane, hop on a train to World Famous Surfers Paradise! An endless Beach of baby powder sand, surf, and sunshine on the Gold Coast. But first... getting there. Travel companies sell bus packages down to the Gold Coast and Surfers Paradise for quite a bit of money per a person. Spare yourself …

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Free in Brisbane! FREE!

Hey Gang, I thought I'd make a brief post on some of the many free things to do in Brisbane. 1. Museums (south bank and the CBD city hall) both have museums with free offerings. City Hall also has a clock tower you can ride up to. Walk across the bridge to south bank to …

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