Earny/Sift-when prices drop after a purchase! Get your money back!

Hello savers and spenders! A busy few months training in Psych. I’ve been in my savings lab, testing new apps to review. Two apps I’ve been testing for a few months are Earny and Sift! I’ll try to keep it short and simple.

The best part is it takes little effort!$$$

What are these apps?

These mobile applications use algorithms to scan your email inboxes for receipts from popular sites like Amazon, to return money to you.

Here are stores that Earny tracks from to give you an idea:

There are a few catches, but overall it’s been an amazing two months getting cash back. I’m a heavy Amazon Shopper, and Amazon changes prices on products (with their own algorithms) sometimes many times per a day or month. You may remember my discussion on this from my prior post in getting from end savings with the “honey-” browser add in. Read here if you missed it.

Any who-With both Sift and Earny you need credit cards with price protection. This is a free benefit most people never use on their credit card. Each app has cards it uses/accepts, Earny seems to be a bit more picky about certain cards working.

Earny explains it well, so might as well not retype it:

Why use both apps?

1.Well, different app equals different algorithm. I have noticed that sometimes Sift picks up stuff Earny missed, and I want those dollars.

2. Earny charges a 25% finders fee for submitting your paperwork to company (and depending on the credit company you may still have to upload a bank statement). Sift however, does not yet charge anything so you get the full amount! Woo hoo. Keep in mind Earny charges you after your check has been sent (approved by credit card company). I consider the 25% fair for something I would have never done or figured out anyway (who has time to check amazon 30x a day?).

Sift also looks at warranty coverage among other things. It has a great little overview screen of its tools. Here’s a picture of Sift in action:

And you all remember I used the honey app to buy the ring door bell for cheap? Guess what? It got cheaper when Sift found the price dropped again! I was sent a check for over 14 bucks.

How you receive your money depends on your credit card company. Chase has been sending me checks about 1 month after the app puts in the claim.

Go ahead and test them both out! You may have claims the first day if they find something! (So don’t delete those email receipts) If you get something, let me know! I get just as excited knowing others saved.

To date Sift has sent me over 25 bucks,

And Earny over 13, however Earny sent me three emails today for price drops and I have another 22 bucks processing as we speak (for three different items)! Not bad for literally doing nothing but uploading a statement. They do all the rest.

Referral link: Earny and Sift review all the details and see if it’s for you.



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