Save electricity, save money? ‘Ohm’, yes!

Ohm is a program dedicated to a cleaner environment through less electricity use.

And it’s free!

You sign up and link your electric bill, and ohm will send you “ohm hours” which you can reduce or turn off electricity. By participating in an ohm hour, you help our planet, earn points, and earn some money!

I’ve been on ohm since September, and have made 16.65 cents so far. As you complete more hours, you can achieve higher status levels. These higher levels (bronze, silver, gold, then platinum) increase your earning potential exponentially. I’ve made it to platinum this week, so it’s 2x ohm points. It takes about a day or two for them to email you, your results for the ohm hour. So, be patient! Other ways to earn points include, referrals, and consecutive ohms. My streak is 13!

Here’s a peak at hours I participated in. A few times, I didn’t do so well and lost a few points!

It was awesome to do “ohm hours” while I was out of town, or out of the country. I earned a few dollars for time I wasn’t going to be home anyway. You can also opt out of an ohm hour, if you know for sure you would be having a party or watching a big game with guests. – just keep in mind that will count against your streak (in a row) bonus.

My household has enjoyed it, we’ve done more outdoor activities, had candlelit dinners, and good old fashioned conversations (shock), while using ohm.

Give it a try, I hope you have it in your area.




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