Sweeten Holiday Sales – use “Honey”

Price drop list and promos for your online shopping.

The U.S. Holiday frenzy is upon us! Now before you strap up your Nike’s, grab your laptop and a blanket. Shopping over the internet is so much easier. Thanks to technology like Honey, you can start early. Especially if you’re addicted to websites like Amazon, such as myself! Technology gadgets are high on my list this year, and getting the best price is always a concern.

The Honey  tool is added to your browser and activates promo codes and price drop lists when you are in a checkout online! Best of all, it’s free to use and sign up!

Don’t forget to use Befrugal and/or ebates on top, especially if no discounts are found.  Nothing beats double dipping on the savings, except triple dipping!

You can also look on their website to see what promo codes and stores are trending, in real time.

How I saved 73 bucks, while sleeping…literally.

However, my favorite feature is its ability to track price changes.  Amazon, in particular is notorious for changing prices based on their algorithms.

I always test anything before I review it. I have had the Honey browser ‘add in’ for three months. The drop list feature has not disappointed.

I’ve been eyeing the “Ring” door bell for sometime, and saw it was 173 bucks (when I originally looked). I added it to my drop list. A few days later, I received an email (see below). 99 bucks for my Ring. I was shocked! Now prices are not guaranteed forever, so time is of the essence. I immediately clicked and went to amazon and purchased it with my prime account. It’s at my house and works great! 73 bucks off! Even today, the Ring is up to 154 bucks.

Example of email for drop list item
I have several other items I’m eyeing and have seen some price drops. However, I’m holding out for some Black Friday deals and steals.

How does it work?

I highly recommend the Honey ‘add in‘ for savings potential. In addition you can review the history of an item on amazon before your purchase to review last 60 days of price changes.  It’s great to see the price trends.

Currently, I am eyeing an underwater camera for my future adventures. I received an email yesterday, the price dropped 50 bucks! You can see from the amazon screenshot below, a little cursive ‘h’ pops up next to the item, after you have the browser and have signed up. You can click on it to see price changes, and this is also where you can “add to your drop list”.

Now what?

Get your holiday list out, and start adding to your honey drop list.  Especially, with the deals for Thanksgiving and Christmas about to begin. This will allow you to eat your pie, and simply check your email now and again. When your deal comes through, hop online and purchase.

*Of course if you have a price protection credit card you can always get refunded cash on the back end for price changes. However, that’s a topic for a future post.

Try it here, for free: Honey

Happy Recouping,



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