BRL: Child Coloring Book, Emotions Processing, and Critical Thinking ALL IN ONE!

So previously, on other blogs I had discussed with some of my followers/fellow bloggers the possibility of me, creating a children’s book.

Special shout out to Rhonda Sittig, thesecretblogofa30yearold, Momentum of Jo, She-Ra, Milly Schmidt, and The Story Reading Ape for your desire to stay updated on this and/or your posts on publishing.

Well the series has (begun to) come to life Here

My goal with the book was three fold:

  1. Change a child’s life and allow them to express themselves
  2. Use the skills I already know and use in therapy with parents with the world
  3. Keep the books simple and low cost.

Well, I am happy to say, missions accomplished. At least in my opinion. This project has blown up bigger than I could have expected. So how did all begin?

I work working with a child patient for the nth time on behavioral concerns, as well as the parent. I went online to research a topic and tool for the child- a social story of sorts. Apparently I wanted too much.  I needed it to entertain him (coloring component), allow him to think critically (fill in component), allow him to identify emotions (emotions chart), and I needed mom/dad to track him reading it weekly. I ended up custom making the book myself, printing out a tracker, giving verbal praise and encouragement suggestions to mom. WHY WASN’T THIS A BOOK ALREADY!

I went to sleep the night after implementing the book in 1:1. Other Doc Therapists and MFT Therapists wanted my book. People often ask for my materials…Then light bulb! My husband knows how to draw very well, I have the training and skills. Why not make a book for all and share with the world? I can include all the elements I share with parents and caregivers and they can use the book with the child. Before you know it I had over 20 book topics in 2 minutes, spread over two series: “Simply Feelings” and “Tough Topics”. Currently, “Simply Feelings” has two books on Amazon as of today: “Little Brother Bothers Me…Sometimes” and “Big Brother Bothers Me…Sometimes”. We are working on the “Big Sister” and “Little Sister” version as well, but it will take some time as we are making all new characters for the kids.

Here’s an exclusive sneak peak at the “Emotions Chart”

The first “Tough Topics” book will be out in the next week, and covers Flooding (yes, as in the natural disasters we have been seeing left and right). The Flood story book will also have a charity component for each book purchased…so I can donate books at cost, and give to flood victim areas. In addition, it has a breath exercise to reduce anxiety, and a breath exercise tracker so children can practice.

The books are 6.98 each, if you’d like one for your child or a child you know, feel free to purchase one on:amazon,, or here at createspace. Searching Dr.Keke under BOOKS will always bring up our latest books. -Age range is approximately 4-7. 

Thanks for your support and inspiration,

I hope this aids some parents and children in “recouping” mentally, so they are able to “conquer” the world.

~Dr.K or Dr. Keke (as the kiddos say)



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