Recoup: DROP an easy way to earn gift cards! Free!!

Pick of the month: Use Drop! It’s free! It’s easy! 

I came across this phone app, that promised gift cards for shopping you already do. In typical recoup fashion, I had to test it out. Some may call it penny pinching, but one woman’s pennies is another woman’s piña colada on the beach.

It’s been a month and so far so good. It can even be paired with befrugal and ebates (when applicable).

What is it?

This app has you choose a select few places where your are most likely to shop. Choose wisely, you cannot change them (at least currently). They will be your permanent top five. Options I had included, target, Walmart, Starbucks, chipotle, Trader Joe’s, Wholefoods and a few others.  I love Trader Joe’s (15 points per a dollar spent) and Chipotle (15 points per a dollar spent) so those are certainly in my line up!

The Body Shop currently has an offer at 80 points per a dollar spent! Wowzer! 

What do you need to do?

In the app you link the credit card or credit cards you will use at these locations. Once you use your cards at these places you will earn points (points differ by store) automatically which can be redeemed for cool gift cards.

There’s a list of reward options which begin at 5,000 points and go up from there! I’ve got my eye on the 100 dollar American Airlines Giftcard. This could be a great way to recoup some flight savings towards a future trip. I’m making progress! Ha!

In addition, there are other random (although I’m sure targeted) offers that will come through now and again. 

For example, a temporary offer for Amazon came through on my Drop app. Spend 20 bucks minimum at Amazon and earn 500 points. Once you click to activate there may be a time limit to use these one time or random offers, so keep that in mind. I activated the Amazon offer right before I knew I was going onto Amazon to buy something. 

You can also choose to ignore and say you don’t want an offer. Right now I have an offer for a wine of the month club “Winc”. Pushing ” I don’t want this offer”, trains drop to learn about your preferences. Once it’s, gone you are not able to get it back, so be sure.


Drop also offers bonuses, I earned quite a few at the beginning of my sign up. A few for adding cards, others for playing games, and of course referrals are an option. I referred a friend and earned 5000 bonus points.

This week I was offered to play a drop game to earn more bonus points! It was pretty fun, a snake chain style game.

Overall, It’s a great way for you to earn points for giftcards  from points at places you already shop. Considering the app costs zero dollars, and only requires your set up, even if you don’t go on to sign up for add on offers, you’ll be earning points at places you already shop. Set it and forget it!

Pair this with a cash back card and you’re double dipping on the deals! AND the potential for triple dipping, when ebates or befrugal  applies on top (now you’re getting into the major leagues of recoup).

Give drop a try, here’s my referral link Drop 

Please note, I do receive a referral bonus for linked sign ups. However, I only review apps and products I use and believe in. They have not asked me to do this review



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