Vegas: Resurgam

Resurgam: I shall rise again.

One of my favorite archaic terms which reminds us of human resilience. As I head back to my home state, I’m reflecting on my brief two day visit (post tragedy) to Las Vegas. The more we discuss these terrorist actions, the better off we are psychologically…no matter how uncomfortable. 

What does acceptance and moving forward look like?

I’ve been to this famous city more times than I can count, and this visit was slightly different. There’s a magnetism to Vegas which always pulls me back, I know I’m not the only one who feels it. Born of desert rock and fire. A sort of ‘fire bowl’ of a destination for adult relaxation.

Driving in, I could see a heavy amount of traffic and the glowing lights just like any other time. However the grand marquees’ of Vegas became memorials and tributes of strength, instead of the usual show advertisement of the latest and greatest. This was also noted on television and radio. 

The message was clear: Unity. 

My main goal of this visit to Vegas was to attend a lantern celebration: Rise. This became more appropriate with the events of the prior weekend. This event was hosted on two days, north of Las Vegas on the MoapaReservation. You could attend either day, and indeed 26,000 of us turned out. 13,000 on each day! This was an opportunity to reflect, write messages on lanterns, and release. 


There’s no doubt a sort of magic occurred at this event. Thousands of glowing lanterns. An ethereal and spiritual release. I can only describe it as an explosion of positive energy over Vegas.  It was apropos, and like a rebirth. Some were in tears, others were in awe. 

There’s nothing like it! If you ever have a chance to attend a rise event, do so. 

Vegas is still the vibrant and energetic city it always was, and tourism keeps it thriving. Don’t let fear conquer your trip and support Las Vegas by moving forward with your visit. No visit is like the last, this visit was no exception.

My final thoughts of this post are with Vegas, they may be in my rear view mirror as I type this up, but they’re always in my heart moving forward.

Vegas, Resurgam.



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