BRL: Custom Lip Color in Brisbane…

Your first request, reviewed!

A few weeks back I was posting a comment on “Travels of a beauty addict” blog about how I had heard of a custom lip color place in Australia… and since I was going to Australia I’d let her know how it went…if i went!

Now let me preface this with: I’m no make up expert. My make up routine consists of eyeliner, cheek powder, and lip color. If it’s special occasions bump that up to eye shadow and mascara. It literally takes me 3 minutes, 10 for special occasions. Sad, I know.

So here we are. I will say it is a bit of a splurge item. However, some items are worth getting for a once in a blue moon experience. I consider this one of them.

1. Make an appointment.

My first mistake was I showed up at the doors during some downtown during our trip to Brisbane, Australia. They didn’t open until 10:00am and there I was looking through the glass like a fish at 9:50am. I didn’t do any additional research on opening times either. Ha!

The manager present was nice enough to come out and ask if I had an appointment and let me know the time they open. He said they had an opening for 10:30am, but would take me now if I wanted.

What luck!

Choices! Choices! Short Essay Style

2. What’s the form about? They give you a little form, but since I was the only one in the shop, we verbally covered what I wanted. (Keep in mind the more you add the pricier it gets, prices are in Australian Dollar).

I opted for the “sheep oil free” vegan lipstick with peach sorbet scent. And polish gloss with pumpkin spice scent.  You also get to choose scents which I didn’t expect.

Pick your poison! Scent and Color

3. Have some idea of what you want.

Don’t go in like “I don’t know” can you imagine if you were the make up professional. I have two colors I commonly wear together, and was wearing it. My desire was a gold burgundy for the gloss. The lipstick more matte pink, brighter but similar. However, you can totally pick two different things. The make up professional commented on people choosing really wild colors like bright blue! Oy!

Lipgloss in progress…gold shimmer!

4. Gloss-Watch the magic happen. They’ll begin to mix and have you try on the color, afterwards you can say darker or lighter. They have wipes on hand so you don’t run and dry your lips out.

5. The lipstick is more “messy” and fun to watch. They use a palette of sorts and up the degrees of color. You’ll be trying on the color and changing the variation to your pleasure.

Once you’re all settled on color they put it in a special machine to have it all mixed up. After, they put it in a mold to set and in a few minutes right before your eyes the lipstick comes out!

​6. Choices choices! Did I mention you choose the mold? Classic lipstick angle or a more angled Gothic style (I chose the gothic one).

Lastly, you get to pick the lipstick container (black or silver, and it’s magnetized to stay together closed).

AND you get to name your color.

My husband name my gloss “13 shades” and I named the lipstick “Dr.Pink”.

I was able to get both custom made for a combo cost of about 70 bucks US (they give you about 10 off when you buy both!). I still consider it a steal for all you get to experience and do.

In addition, if I want the colors in the future I can order them online with 10 dollar shipping worldwide. When I do, I’ll update all of you on the process and outcome.

7. Waste not!

They are eco friendly and sell the leftover in little 2 and 5 buck containers as part of their “no waste” policy. I bought a brighter red/pink I saw for a friend.

Here are all my items.

13 shades, no waste for a friend, and Dr. pink

You can check out their website at Theliplab apparently they also have a sister store in Montreal with a different name.

So, would you try customizing your lipstick? Is there value in such a splurge??



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