Brisbane in Pieces: The leftovers

Bats the size of cats and Kangaroo testicles you can buy? You know you want a bite of these last few crumbs I skipped out on sharing! 10 things!

1. Bats! These babies are caged, but my husband spotted these same cat sized flyers in southbank at night. #BrisbaneBats

2. Kangaroos are lazy little guys. They reminded me of deer. #LonePine Koala Sanctuary.

3. ​Birds are huge in the city! When they fly the wingspan is impressive. 

4. The food in Brisbane is very much similar to the US. However, many more Asian restaurants and options.

5. In some side alleys you may find graffiti art…side alley at the Queensland mall.

6. While on the city streets of downtown Brisbane you’ll find statues and commissioned pieces of art.

7. We went to lamington national forest. I did not review it, because I felt it was not the best experience. The one fun part was the canopy walk. The drive up is very curvy and made several of us car sick. After the 3 min tree top walk it’s just trees and more trees.

8. I did enjoy our first stop at Curtis falls. You’ll see a small village (Tamborine) and then a waterfall on a hike. This would be a great half day trip. I wouldn’t recommend going further to Lamington. It looks the same!

9. The treasury casino in Brisbane is a fun gambling break. Casinos are 18 and over!

10. You can buy souvenir frogs and kangaroo testicles… you just have to declare them. What does that conversation with customs look like?

What strange/interesting things have you seen on travel?



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