If you do nothing else in Brisbane… DO THIS

The Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary was a real treat today. The bonus: Kangaroos and other native wildlife (seriously, I became Kangaroo obsessed!).

He is literally hopping into my heart!

Getting There:

I recommend going with Miramar cruises see website Here. They will pick you up in front of the State Library for a ferry ride directly over to the Sanctuary. The one hour ride is soothing (toilets and snacks shop on board). They review some of the highlights and history along the way.

Once they dock, you walk up 28 stairs, right to the gates of the sanctuary. The Sanctuary is the oldest and largest for Koalas in the world.

Walk around to see the various species. For a little extra (20 Australian dollars) you can hold one!!! I could not resist.

In addition the Sanctuary hosts kangaroos, which you can feed live! Just pay 2 bucks Australian for a bag of food and go in the feeding area. They’re everywhere!

No matter where you’re from, or going next… the Sanctuary is not to be missed.

They also have sheep, chickens, wild turkeys, several birds, a reptile exhibit, wombats, and Tasmanian devils.

Onsite are several restrooms, gift shop, a cafe (check out the endless amounts of celebrities who have visited), and even free wifi with lounges (the blogger’s lounge was my fave!).

The cruise will depart the Sanctuary at 2:15pm and have you back in the city around 3:30pm. Many of the other guests agreed, the timing was just right.

Recommended: For Everyone!!!  Taking the cruise route may not be ideal for those in a wheel chair or walking concerns due to the steps. However, you could take a city route over to Lone Pine instead.

Lone Pine Website for pricing details, and directions.



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