Surfers Paradise! DIY Style

If you’re in Brisbane, hop on a train to World Famous Surfers Paradise!

An endless Beach of baby powder sand, surf, and sunshine on the Gold Coast.

But first… getting there.

Travel companies sell bus packages down to the Gold Coast and Surfers Paradise for quite a bit of money per a person.

Spare yourself and head over to Roma Train Station in Brisbane, buy a ticket for the Gold Coast train to Nerang station. You can pre plan this trip on the website from your location in Brisbane: Translink



 There’s no such thing as getting lost on vacation, only adventures!


Two adult tickets both ways will come out to a total of about 48 US dollars (roundtrip). Much cheaper than the grouped bus tour trips (I just spotted a tour there for 90 USD pp).

Once at the station you can use your same paper ticket to hop on the 740 bus at the bottom of the station (follow the signs). Your exit will be the last one, Cypress. This is also the place you will buy your return train ticket on the platform to the left of this bus stop.

Wait at the same bus stop for the 740 bus for a return trip to the Nerang station and the 1 hour or so train ride back to the city.

You’re there! Enjoy the sites, surf, food, and relaxation. It didn’t cost several hundred dollars either!

*Pack your towel, snacks, sunscreen and water!

Bonus note: The train offers about 15 minutes of free wifi each way, enjoy it while it lasts.



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