Recoup and Conquer list

Travel may not last forever, but this list hopefully will.

Stay tuned for the main aspects of travel you are interested in. This list will continuously grow and allow you to choose sections relevant to you. Master all the steps and master your travel!  

Step 1: Conquer your finances

Explore the “recoup” section for ways to stretch a dollar, budget, and save for your trip.

a. Cash back site basics: ebates and befrugal

b. Save on the little things, like groceries each week (don’t forget to use the apps).

c. Push yourself to look for more savings in purchases, with apps like DROP

Step 2: Pack and plan.

a. Check out my tips on packing your bags and being prepared.

b. Simplify life ad breeze through the airport with a “Known Traveler Number”

Step 3: Conquer your mental state of mind.

a. Review the first mind related post on travel anxiety.

b. If something bad happens before your planned trip, don’t let it get you down. See my  Las Vegas experiences before and after.

A true master knows, his work is never done. What would you like to see discussed? What area(s) do you need to work on?

The never ending list….updated November 2017

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