Free in Brisbane! FREE!

Hey Gang,

I thought I’d make a brief post on some of the many free things to do in Brisbane.

1. Museums (south bank and the CBD city hall) both have museums with free offerings. City Hall also has a clock tower you can ride up to. Walk across the bridge to south bank to find The Queensland Museum is 5 levels, and three of the five are completely free.

City hall

Queensland Museum:

2. Don’t leave South bank just yet! Walk down to the free city lagoon with sand and pool! In addition you can see some interesting monuments and gardens. Take a picture at the Brisbane sign, with the river in the background. All free!

3. Free Transportation! Brisbane has you covered two ways! Take the city hopper and cruise the river for free! While in the CBD look for the red translink bus, it takes you around downtown for free as well! The open air top deck of the city hopper ferry was my favorite.

4. Botanical Gardens. Playgrounds for the kids, walk along the river, lay in the grass, identify flowers, check out the statues, and even get a tour!

5. Free night time entertainment? Check out The Brisbane Powerhouse for free comedy downtown on Friday nights. See details

6. Check out the markets and vendors on Adelaide street in the Queensland mall. Great to people watch and sample many items for free. Today a company was giving out free ice cream pints with spoons, yesterday free bread! In addition there are some statues and art to appreciate.

The botanical gardens also has a market every Sunday.

7. Free wifi! Most all the mall areas and parks have free wifi courtesy of the city of Brisbane. No sign up needed! The city website is also a great place to find free events, such as the current Brisbane Festival. See: City of Brisbane

Overall, I’ve been fascinated by all the freebies in this city. The people are helpful and the sights are amazing. You can really stretch your travel dollar, whether solo, couple, friends, or family!



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