So, This is Happening…

Hello fellow R&C’s. I started this blog reluctantly, I will admit. Aren’t we all too busy for a blog? Aren’t there enough blogs in the world?

About me: I am a recent Doctor of Psychology graduate, adjunct professor, and Post Doctoral Trainee in Psychology (that’s fancy speak for psychologist in training). I’m married and enjoy traveling a few times a year. I believe in budgets, deals, and discounts! While many of my friends wonder how I am able to travel, they also need to be aware of the work I put into being able to travel (recouping is part of my strategy which allows me to conquer the world). It may be said, I have a borderline unhealthy desire for deals (I don’t have a closet full of soap bars or a coupon bible, don’t worry).

The main premise is to share savings deals and apps, ways to save (the recoup portion), and travel information (the conquer). Several friends and peers have told me for years to do this and I was too busy (mostly lazy), to do it. So, here I am, Monday afternoon, googling “how to start a blog” and working through the kinks.  So, this is happening…stay tuned and navigate the waters with me.

Sometimes I find the best deals from my friends, thus conquering “Takes a Village”. Looking forward to others enlightening me for even more savings!



5 thoughts on “So, This is Happening…

  1. Good luck with your new endeavor! Who doesn’t like to get tips to save money?? It sounds like you are so busy– and accomplished! I’ve been doing my small blog since 2008 and have met some wonderful blogger friends along the way. Hope all your blogging is a great thing for you!

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